Some templates that I've created for macaron baking that I myself have already done! 

Every character/design is bigger than your average macaron size (2"), but they all differ in size and I can't tell you exactly how big it will be when piped. I create it to my own personal preference where I think it will be suitable for piping and is meant to fit/be printed on standard printer paper size 8.5 x 11". To pipe the back of the macarons, just flip the image.

I do not provide instructions/tutorial on how to pipe.

Some templates will need to be cut (to provide proper spacing when piping) after printing as I try to pack as many onto one page as possible to not waste paper when I print :)

Only what you see posted here is available.

Please credit me (@MacaNomNom) if you make and post anywhere.

Do not share templates with other people.